Expression is my mission,
beauty is my purpose.

anthony colli standing with city behind him

Who am I?

I am Anthony Colli. Some people may call me a web developer or designer — but I call myself a creator. All the work I do is based off of vision: your vision, my vision, our vision. My speciality is building, establishing and expanding upon an idea. I am a part of the team. I am a driving force. I create the medium that turns your idea into reality.

Never underestimate the importance of detail in the overall impact.



Do not limit to yourself to what you have been told is possible. Expand your notions and do not settle for something less than what you are trying to illustrate. These design concepts are examples of limitless possibility.

Janus concept artwork



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What do I do?

I build ideas into reality. How should an idea look, feel and interact? I solve the problem that you need a solution to, whether you know it or not. How does your brand connect with other people? I create that connection with design and interaction. I tell your story better than anyone else.

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Graphic Design

Logo Design

Keyword Strategy

User Experience

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People often don’t take the time to express themselves or use their imagination. Imagine what is possible and realize that anything that you can think of, you can create. It's about engaging the process and finding the right co-creator.

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You have your story and you know what it is, but how do you tell it to other people and how do you find the right people to tell it to? Through research, brainstorming and planning together we lay a foundation of cohesion and a platform of visibility — from this we build your brand and tell your story.


How does stability look? What does strength look like? How do you peak interest visually? How do you captivate your audience to show them your service or product? How do people perceive your brand? To convey your brand effectively through design, I apply techniques that go beyond just having “a good looking website,” and include the tools and functions of design that can truly connect to your audience.


Development is the dynamic interaction between your vision and the audience. It must be stable as well as fluid and intuitive. How a site moves and interacts has the ability to enhance an already strong design. As important as your brand looks, it also matters how it works.